Butterfly Baby

 November 29, 2011

 (Be sure to read to the end for a bit of good news....)

The girls have  love "bug" nicknames that they fully enjoy. 

Bee's nickname was pretty obvious as Beatrice is her middle name. 

Our next bug came from the Ladybug fascination in Chinese adoption.  I think since I first started our adoption process back in 2006 I began collecting ladybugs for our Chinese daughter to be. As it turns out it fit, she is a poised lady indeed. 

But I'm going to admit the Butterfly nickname was a stretch.  There was no real connection to butterflies other than since we had a third little bug to love we needed a pretty and girly nickname to match her sisters'.  Butterfly seemed to fit plus the whole metamorphosis symbolism seemed somehow appropriate for a child who we felt  had so much potential.

So Baby Butterfly it is (for now-we'll have to see what really sticks)

Anyway I just want to share with you some of the pictures I've received over these many months of waiting...or shall I say cocooning. And I'm not saying anything except it's a sweet little coinky dink...

Peace, love and BUTTERFLIES

Pink metallic BUTTERFLIES
BUTTERFLY charm on a necklace made by visiting missionaries

Love and BUTTERFLY trim

And just yesterday a BUTTERFLY hoodie

It came a few days ahead of the average turn around time which makes it the first step in this adoption to be on time....early even.  Woohoo!

The LOA will arrive by fedex later today.  We need to sign it and then submit our I800 application to US Immigration (USCIS). 

The LOA was the last unpredictable wait in this adoption (know on wood).  Now we are officially on line for our TA (TRAVEL APPROVAL).

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