These Children Need the Ultimate Christmas Present...

 November 30, 2011

 A family of their own.

Shane Sex: M Age: 1 ½ Shane is a smart, determined little boy who knows what he wants. He is shy with strangers, but is affectionate and lovable with his nannies. He has learned how to crawl as fast as lightening, disappearing with toys that he likes faster than his nannies can see! We witnessed his little toy-yanking episodes while we were there and the nannies showed us how smart he is by having him perform. He has also learned how to stand one foot while holding a toy. He learns quickly and his nannies hope for him to be able to find a family that can get him the treatment he needs so he can walk.

Hogan Sex: MAge: 2 YearsHogan is a mischievous and charming little guy. Although he is deaf, you wouldn’t necessarily know it right away. He is quick to learn and likes to feel music through his body, although he cannot hear it. He likes running back and forth in the room, which we saw, and he also tries to escape, all the while looking back to make sure his nannies are looking! He is quick and grabs toys away from other children. He can throw and catch a ball and he also likes to climb the cubbies in the room. Although he doesn’t speak, he has figured out how to communicate his needs with his nannies so they understand. They use a form of made up sign language, showing how clever he is, as he initiated it.

Rachel (Non-Special Focus) Sex: F Age: 2 Years  Rachel is a smart little girl who has gained more confidence since her surgery for her lip. She has since learned to stand and walk and now smiles more often. She loves to be cuddled by the nannies and touches their faces. She was friendly and interested in us while we visited the babies’ room. She has adorable, big eyes that grab your attention right away. When we visited she was in that adorable stage, where everything goes in the mouth. She was a very interactive and curious little girl who delighted in new people and things.

Jaci Sex: F Age: 1 ½ Jaci’s smile with her cute little dimples light up a room. She is a happy girl who seems to be developmentally on target. Her operation didn’t affect her mobility and she is crawling and walking a few steps and rolling over fast. She laughs whenever her caregivers tell her “good girl.” She is extroverted and loves being with her caregivers, cuddling or teasing them. She has a pair of big bright black eyes and a fair complexion and is very lovely. The Social Welfare Institute reports that her special need seems to be mild.

 Dalton (Non-Special Focus) Sex: M Age: 2 ½ Dalton is a special boy who has had both his lip and palate repaired. He is a spitfire, and will sometimes hit other kids if they take a toy from him, but he has learned to calm himself. He likes to climb over the fence in the room and learned to crawl and walk holding onto something quickly after his operation. Now he is the leader in the room and the other kids sometimes run away from him when they see him. He is imitating talking and is an endearing little boy. When we saw Dalton he was recovering in the Half The Sky care home, but he was still very bright-eyed and interactive.
Evan Sex: MAge: 9 YearsWe met Evan on his birthday and he was having a party at his friends’ house. He was pretty distracted, as they were watching a movie and eating. Fei didn’t even notice his differences, and it is indeed hard to tell. He functions normally. Evan attends a private school and initially had some difficulty. Now he is in the 2nd grade. He does not speak clearly with some words, but is very adept at doing arts and crafts, which he enjoys doing in his spare time. He is enthusiastic about helping his foster parents with some chores. He is well behaved, and quick to smile at everyone, which we witnessed. He is a very amiable young boy.

Lewis Sex: MAge: 11Lewis is a performer! When we met him, he came into the clinic and told one of us that he was coming home with her! Then he proceeded to perform the many poems that he knows. Later he showed us his gymnastics skills and expressed how much he wants to be adopted. This boy is literally dreaming about being adopted—he is not picky about what his family is like, as long as they are in the U.S! Lewis's pictures don't do him justice. In person, he is very handsome, charismatic and sweet. Could your family be the one to make Lewis’ dream come true?

Jason Sex: M Age: 1 Jason is the boy you may have seen on our blog grabbing Marci’s hair. He is a very sick boy who needs help, but despite that, he is a happy little sprite! His only chance to get help is to be adopted by a family in the U.S. that can get him the best care possible. He cannot get his operation in China. Jason is a fighter! He’s amazing and if anyone could survive he can, but he needs several operations. I chose the name Jason because it means Healer, and I truly believe Jason has a chance if he can find a family before his lungs are effected, which at this point, they haven’t been. We’re going to fight for Jason and we, along with his nannies hope that we can find him a family to help him soon! When we visited with him, his sweet nannies begged us to try to find him a family or get him help. We tried our hardest to get him medical help, but it can't be done unless he is adopted. Can you help Jason reach his full potential? With proper medical care, he will make a family very happy. He is truly and enchanting little imp!
Jeb Sex: MAge: 2Jeb is an adorable, cuddly and sweet little boy. He is always helpful to the nannies, picking up bottles that the other kids throw, or putting all the toys away in a container and giving it to the nannies. When the nannies thank him with a gesture, he hugs them and smiles whenever he is praised. He is a very happy boy. He liked to play peek-a-boo when he was younger, and seems to be developing on track, other than language skills. Jeb needs a family who can open his world up with sign language and help him communicate.
Shaylee (Non-Special Focus, only available to dossiered families)Sex: FAge: 1 ½ Shaylee is a smart and lovely little sprite who is talkative and has many stories to tell. She can walk with help, understands language and is already talking in simple one-word phrases. She has a quick smile and likes to be cuddled. She learns fast and is walking with help. She likes to play a clapping game with her nannies and is outgoing and active.

Balin Sex: MAge: 3Balin loves to be cuddled and play outside. He giggles happily when he is teased. He had trouble moving upon admission as an infant, but he has since made tremendous improvements and is walking, clapping, understanding language, but does not talk much, although he can follow instructions. He can feed himself and help get dressed. Could you be the family to help Balin reach his full potential? With the love and attention a family can provide, there's no telling what he could do!

Caroline         Sex: FAge: 5 Caroline is a very sweet and shy little girl. When we were there she began crying when we had her go into the other room to talk to her and evaluate her, but she was very outgoing in the group, coming right up to me, and even hugging us at times. The only way she was able to calm down individually, was when we pulled her friend in there with her, who was very outgoing. She was then able to calm down and try to answer our questions. She speaks unclearly, but she tries hard. She is able to hold a pen correctly. When we spoke to her teachers in the Half the Sky School, they said that once she got comfortable there, she made big improvements. Caroline needs the love and attention a family can provide to reach her full potential.

Simon Sex: MAge: 3 Simon is a helpful little boy who has met his milestones later than the average child. He is a sweet little boy. When he sees nannies changing diapers, he goes to get clean diapers to help them. He can say a few words and likes to play games with other children. He can point to his body parts, draw a line and likes to imitate words. He likes outdoor activities and musical toys the best. While our OT was there, he could walk normally, climb on the exercise ball and try to get away

Sherman Sex: MAge: 4 YearsSherman is a happy little dumpling who is always smiling. Fei took a liking to him and he called her “Ayi.”  He gets rehab at the institute and our OT evaluated him while she was there as well. He can speak simple sentences and follow instructions. He knows how old he is He can crawl and walk while holding onto something. He is potty trained and can feed himself. He can play games with other kids and is never slow to smile. During his visit with our OT, he pretended to take a phone call! He knows his body parts and can scribble.Unfortunately, Sherman gets very little stimulation on a daily basis. With the attention and love that a family could provide, there's no doubt he could accomplish much more.

Yuna Sex: FAge: 5 Yuna is a girl who desperately needs a family to teach her sign language and open up a world of communication for her. She loves going to her Half the Sky Class and is very close to her teachers there. She seems to enjoy the stimulation and activities she gets to do there and doesn't want to leave. She is able to communicate through gestures (not sign) with her teachers and she seems to blossom in that class. When we visited her, she was in a room with very little stimulation and other physically handicapped children. She was craving stimulation and trying to find it any way she could. We requested that she be moved to another room and received reports that she is doing better there. With the gift of family and language her world would open up.

 Seely Sex: MAge: 3 Seely is quite a determined little character. He is in the Little Sisters program and has made a lot of progress since he was initially found. He is walking and can say several simple phrases. His nannies say that he learned whatever they teach him. He gave Fei kisses and was friendly, curious and inquisitive during our visit. He liked to climb into the little cubbies that were supposed to house toys. He told his nannies that he wanted them to turn on the music so he could dance and he did a cute little jig! He is helpful with younger children, but gets jealous if his favorite nanny holds another baby. He played with a younger child; she pretended to feed him and they both giggled.

These kiddos really need families and there is no greater gift for the holidays.
To inquire about any of these children please contact Marci Siegel-Kittrell, MSW , Director of Social Services  at Associated Services for International Adoption
503-224-1864/ Fax: 503-224-1995
(Marci's work hours: 7:00am to 11:00 am and 12:00 to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday)

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