Music to Watch Girls By...

 October 13, 2011

So the thing is, this blog was originally started to keep our many out of town family members up to speed about our adoption as well as share pictures and stories about the kids.

While it has grown into something somewhat more than just our family blog occasionally I must return it to its roots.

So pretty much for the Aunties and Grandmas.... here is Middle Child in his first Varsity Men's Choir Concert. He performed a total of six numbers. This was by far my favorite...because it's a classic Andy Williams song and hey I am a 60' girl AND because my son's big bass voice is featured so well....the note at the end rocked!

(For those who aren't relatives...and those who are relatives but haven't seen him in a while... Middle Child is the slouchy 6 foot 3in kid with hair in his eyes standing at the front of the group of kids to the right...and the deep voice you hear is all him.)

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