My first contact with Kiefer (via facebook for cripes sake)..

 October 14, 2010

Subject: emergency

i need my atm card to work.
no one takes us dollars here and the last exchange was a plane and a bus ago.
please confirm my pin number is ____ or ____ and just...
just make my damn card work. im scared. lol not really met some nice guys from nols who spotted my money. ok ill check this tonight

Really subject "emergency" and he has the nerve to LOL me! It's under control but eeeesh. At least I know he has made it as far as the lovely hotel Lui Loyola in Coyhaique. Although, the comment about "nice guys... who spotted my money" isn't exactly comforting. Still hoping to skype later tonight...

Kiefer's home for the next couple days

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