Two Hearts For Hope 5K

 September 25, 2010

I ran my very first 5k race today. I trained for about 6 weeks to be able to run the 3.1 mile race and though it doesn't sound like much, it was a lot for me:) Of course it wasn't quite how I imagined it since I ran pushing a double stroller that weighed 83 pounds with the girls and their assorted electronics!  So I didn't break any land speed records but I did run the whole way and I finished and best of all I got to do it with some really wonderful friends.  Actually the toughest part of the run was keeping the girls entertained.  They would much rather be running beside me than be pushed in a stroller (come to think of it they would probably be faster than me too).

The 5k benefited Two Hearts For Hope and I was happy to have been able to raise $800 (thanks again everyone) for the cause. All together more than $10,000 was raised. The donations are being used to buy new beds for an orphanage in Taraz, Kazakhstan.  I am praying that I will be able to join the Two Hearts mission trip next fall when the beds will be delivered.  It would be amazing to see the end results of this weekend's hard work (and running/walking).
Ready. Set. Go!  UP HILL!!!
Crossing the finish line with my awesome (slightly cold) Team Printy!
Kaz Mama's Angela, Stacy, Regina and me
Accepting our prize for first place stroller finish ...they made that up for us:-)

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