Speaking of Amusement Parks...

 August 2, 2011

We spent the day at Cedar Point yesterday.  It’s an amusement park on Lake Erie.  A big deal if you are a roller coaster enthusiast or from Ohio. I guess.
 I am neither.

A few random observations;

Rides that mimic near death experiences no longer hold any appeal now that I am old enough to comprehend that death is actually near (enough).

Speaking of death…Hot summer days, acres of park concrete and a steamy rain storm stir up a rank marinade of sweat, vomit and funnel cakes.  Mmmmm.

Speaking of funnel cakes…park food is gross.  Beyond gross.  And fattening.  Beyond fattening.  If you are over 40 you should NOT be eating this swill.  No exceptions.  If you are under 40 and jogged to Cedar Point (from Cleveland) you can eat park “food”.

Speaking of fat…  I don’t want to see yours.  I get that it is hot but a shirt pulled up and laced through the neck to form a make shift halter top is not a good look unless you are Richard Simons. (Ok even then, ewww).  Also bikini tops do not count as a shirt.  Also men, your hairy back does not count as a shirt.  Please everyone I’m not sure why the confusion but amusement parks and clothing optional resorts, two different places.

Speaking of skin…was I the only person there without Tattoos?  Not sure but I’m thinking they might actually serve as a season pass to the park.  Need to confirm.

Speaking of season passes.  No thank you.

Roller coaster, amusement park , funnel cake lovers feel free to tell me how wrong I am.  (I'm still not going back. Ever.)

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