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 September 13, 2011

Good News...

We received our CIS approval yesterday in yesterday’s mail.  My husband is heading to the Secretary of State’s Office this morning to get everything notarized and certified and otherwise authenticated.  We expect he will be back in time to fed ex our package to a courier in DC so we can have our documents expedited (ie we are paying extra money to save a few processing days because I am completely paranoid about this Oct 1 deadline that my agency says I'm definitely going to make but I'm still not sure cause what if I need to be LID and not just DTC because I cannot go through another home study with a new social worker because it might put me over the freakin edge if I do, never mind that it would delay the Butterfly homecoming by another few months which would absolutely positively send me to crazytown).  I’m hoping we will be DTC before I leave for Kazakhstan on the 23rd.

Better News...

Speaking of Kazakhstan, I have a friend who is working with a group to accredit US agencies who conduct adoptions in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.  According to her we may see these two countries reopen their doors to foreign adoption “very soon”, maybe even by the end of this year.  I remain cautiously optimistic about the time line.  There are so many families and kids who were left in limbo (some for years) while this process has been been reconfigured and (hopefully) improved. 

I've heard rumors that the bonding period may be extended but that is not confirmed. One thing we know is these countries will now require Hague compliant adoptions and inclusion criteria will be very restrictive for the agencies permitted to place children. 

Which leaves SO MANY unanswered questions for those caught between the cracks...

Bestest News EVER

Remember Molly, the little girl that brought us back to adoption?  The one who inspired me to try my hand at advocating for orphans.  The only I fell hopelessly in love with.

Well she met her family today.

By the way did I ever tell you... that her new mom’s name is Lori.

And her new Dad’s name is Doug (which is my hubs given name)

And they have 3 bio kids.

And two adopted kiddos.

And Molly is their 6th child.

do do... do do.

Cool huh? Beyond.

(Of course **smile** the similarities all fall apart once you know they are from Branson!)

Seriously I couldn’t be happier for all of them even if it is just a tiny bit bittersweet for me.  I understand now that “Molly” was used to lead me where I am today; advocating, more prayerful and about to become Butterfly's mama.

And I know she found the perfect mommy for her.

I will always love Molly.

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