Soon her chances for a family will be gone forever

 September 12, 2011

I have a really darling girl for you to meet today. One who needs a very special family to come forward SOON. 

This is Blossom...pigtails, dimples and an ever present smile.  She’s absolutely adorable and spunky as all get out and I have it on good authority that she has a sweet personality to go with that cute smile.

Blossom is an orphan living in China.

In China a child can not be adopted past their 14th birthday. 

And Blossom will turn 14.... in just 9 months and 9 days!

Worse yet there was a mistake made in her paperwork in China so she is still waiting to even be placed on the shared list, (making her officially available for adoption).

Blossom is in a desperate and difficult situation.  If she doesn’t get on the shared list and find her family within the next few weeks her chances for a family will be gone forever.

I can’t predict this for sure but my best guess is the family for Blossom has to already have immigration approval to adopt a SN child up to age 14. After that the stars need to align and China has to put her on the shared list so that family can match with her.   

An LOI needs to be filed very VERY soon, if she is to have a chance.

In short, it’s going to take a miracle.

But it wont the first one I’ve witnessed.

I still need to get some more specifics but here is what I know about Blossom’s medical condition. 

She is listed as having spina bifida. One leg has been amputated below the knee.  She is currently in a wheel chair and it is unknown if she is a candidate for a prosthetic or not. Her upper body strength and sitting posture seem very good.  She was recently moved from her very poor orphanage where she did not even have a wheel chair instead she was forced to get around by scooting on a riding toy.  Unfortunately she also never received any formal schooling.  She was however taught some things by a nanny and seems to be very bright and able to learn. She is in school now.

Big deep breathe in.  Yes its a lot to take in BUT medical needs do NOT define this child.  She is so much more...she has so much more potential than that.

Blossom hasn’t had many breaks in her short life; born with spina bifida, orphaned, leg amputated, and no schooling and yet she’s still smiles. By some incredible amount of personal strength, resilience and God’s grace Blossom is filled with an enduring ability to love. Can you even imagine the kind of amazing character this takes?

As a man I know and love recently said,” Blossom is an incredible kid...she is everything you would ever want in a daughter.  She would make a great big sister.”

If you are interested in adopting Blossom please contact me at  I am in direct communication with her “foster family” and can notify you as soon as her paperwork is approved.



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