Waiting Child: "Molly"

 February 28, 2011


This beautiful child is "Molly" and she is the first child I would like to introduce you to.

It is not easy for me to do this because "Molly" is the little girl I fell in love with and wanted to adopt myself.


Doesn't she just sparkle?

The truth is I would still love to make her my daughter but it is becoming clear that I am meant to play a different role.  Perhaps I can help "Molly" to find her forever family.  Her forever mom.

Maybe that's you.

Here is a little of what has been written about Molly...

"Molly" participated in an English Class which was given by American volunteers and she learned some English expressions, such as: greeting people, singing English songs.  She also won an award for a drawing. She joined the summer camp of “Journey of hope” and saw the adopted children with their foreign parents, she envied them and said to the teacher “ I want to go abroad too and have my own mom and dad.”   She is developmentally on target in all areas - but can't participate in intense sports.  She is in kindergarten at a very good orphanage, and is doing well in school.   She is bright - "above average" according to her teachers, happy, cheerful, and runs and plays like other children her age.  She does not become breathless at rest or with activity.

"Molly" was born in June 2004 and is currently listed as a "Special Focus" child Great Wall China Adoption's Individual List.  Her special need is listed as "complicated heart condition".  A cardiologist who reviewed her record for us has diagnosed her condition as hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

HLHS is a serious and scary term but here in the US kids with this condition have survived and even thrive.  If you want to learn more about this condition check out this You Tube series on HLHS by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Here's one last picture of "Molly".  The picture is from her official Chinese file and as you can see she is a little younger here (and absolutely darling don't you think?) The picture makes me sad because it reminds me that she has been waiting such a very long time for a family of her own.

But there is always a reason why things happen the way they do

And maybe, just maybe she's waited all this time because

She's been waiting for you.

 To learn more about "Molly" please email me at loriprinty@gmail.com .  Qualified families have 6 months to complete a dossier.


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