Fingerprint Notice

 July 19, 2011

USCIS were your ears burning?

Did you hear me say what an outrage it is that it takes months to process my immigration paperwork?

Is that why I got my fingerprint notice yesterday?

I don't mean to complain, I'm glad to finally have an appointment to be fingerprinted

for the 7th time in three years

but I'm curious...

Why can't you coordinate with the State of Ohio or the FBI and share the fingerprint results that we got 2 months ago in order to complete the home study we just sent you?

OR (if that is utterly ridiculous)

Why not use the same prints you have on file and run them again to see if in the months since our last adoption we have turned to a life of crime?

I know I'm just a little mom here in Podunk Ohio who doesn't understand how things work. I'm sure all this is way over my pay grade. And yet...I do have five soon to be six children and I am the CEO of a 50 million dollar company, and I do own my own consulting firm, write a "top mommy blog", and work with multiple charities....the point being I'm somewhat familiar with the concept of efficiency.

I know it's probably not real big in government circles but you might want to look it up..."eeeee-fficiency". And while your there; redundancy, bureaucracy, apathy, competency....

We are going on the 29th.  God help me if the biometrics dude reads this blog.

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