June Bug

 July 20, 2011

Please meet June... Junie B...  June Bug, whom I met while in China last month (yeah it was June). Smiley Junie B really wants a family of her own but sadly she has just a year left to find one. June just turned 13 and in China once a child turns 14 they can no longer be adopted.This is Junes last chance for a family to call her own.

June faces a harsh reality without a family. She needs someone to come forward NOW!

June is a very sweet and gentle little girl. I actually thought she was much younger because she was so small for her age that and she still liked to play. She played hopscotch and skipped rope and  when we marched around the driveway outside the orphanage with her and the other kids she stayed right by me singing and giggling so hard I thought she was going to fall over. Even at 13 there is still so much little girl in her!
June in the yellow dress (btw her faces is painted!)

June's special need is so slight that many in our group never even noticed it. And most importantly June wants to be adopted. I personally spoke to her about this and she says she wants a foreign family to adopt her. Experts will tell you this is a hugely positive factor for attachment with older children.

If you would like to learn more about June please email me at loriprinty@gmail.com.

You can also read more about June on my friend Shannon's blog.

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