June 1, 2011

It's official. I am an iSucker.

I've already switched from a Blackberry to iPhone and I've traded my PC for a MacBook and today I completed the perfect Apple trifecta: I broke down and got an iPad.

And honestly as I sit here tapping on this little tablet with all the grace of 10 thumbed monkey I'm not exactly sure why.

Except that it's just sort of neat.

Even if it is completely redundant.

It is.

But what can I say, I loves me a good gadget.

(remember that Epilady my husband got me that one Christmas...yeah I actually asked for it.)

So tonight instead of packing for Kazapalooza and my two week trip to China I'm playing with my new toy.

Justifying my frivolity of course by calling it "practice", "testing", perhaps "research and development".

You know...


Yes one must be fully i-literate and AP-lified prior to any trip that requires one to travel (and blog) as light as possible.

Consider this an iTest post.

This then is my iTest photo

Yeah...it's a picture of the pile of clothes I need to pack.

Taken with my cool new iPad camera. {snort}

Location:Stow, Ohio

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