Aint Too Proud To Beg...

 May 31, 2011

 But I am too freakin tired!

Ok now I have WAY TOO MUCH going on right now to start this again. And let's face it, it's not like you have all kinds of bubble bath time to spare.

So I'm just going to ask this one time and then throw this out to the side of my blog for you to ignore or not.

My blog has been nominated for the Top 25 Adoption Blogs.  What do you think are we Top 25 worthy? AND who keeps nominating us?

I know, I know I'm already exhausted by these contest too.  Trust me I will still love you even if I don't "win".

I mean would I like another pink button on my blog?  Sure why not.  You know I like the color pink.

But will I beg for votes?  Not this time. 

So it's all on you (no pressure or anything).

I will be in China anyway...doing things way more satisfying for me than winning blog buttons.

So I leave it in your capable click happy hands!

You know the drill you have to click the pink circle then go to my blog and click the vote button once each day until the contest is over in three weeks.

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