Video of The Butterfly

 May 28, 2011

Even before we got our PA we asked the orphanage in China to send us video of The Butterfly.  She is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and we know she has some gross motor delays on her right side.

We felt a video would provide a sense of her gross motor issues better than any written report so we asked for one, never really thinking we would get it.

But we did and we we're absolutely thrilled to see how well she is moving.  She is awesome!

Sadly though we learned she is getting no interventional therapy (which is typical).Instead they reported that she is encouraged to "play outside".  Not quite the PT/OT services I was hoping for.  

I've asked if I can provide this privately until I am able to bring her home and I have been told no. I am going to keep trying since it looks like it could be many months before we are able to travel. Until then I'm just going to have to have faith that she will improve and thrive once she is finally home.

I have met so many families who have adopted children with CP and their progress once home is nothing short of miraculous.  

Pray with me for one more miracle.

(This video was taken on May 11, 2011: The Butterfly's 3rd birthday.)

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