Make That 6 of My Own!

 May 4, 2011

 Look what we did last night!

Some of you might recognize this as the moment of conception consent: the signing of the highly coveted Letter of Intent (to adopt a child from China).

You got it....Printy kid number SIX is on the way!

And yes you are right it hasn't been six months but honestly I'm not so good with the whole patience thing and the fact that I made it even halfway is pretty impressive (for me). Besides that, my husband's big ole bear heart opened up to this little munchkin almost instantly which I certainly take as a direct sign from God.

The "long story" is a good one but I can't share details quite yet.

Yesterday we met with our social worker for Macy's one year post placement report and a home-study update.  She actually asked if want approval for one or two more!

Ahhh, we said just ONE thank you.

We will put all the required documents in an overnight envelope today and send them to our agency. Then we just need to wait on the paperwork process.  It is pretty much a formality (knock on wood) but still until we have a PA (pre-approval) back from China we are not supposed to share photos or information.

If everything goes perfectly (it never does) we could travel as early as August.  My best guess though is it will be closer to October.

For now we are simply excited to announce the imminent arrival of our newest child.

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