February 7, 2011

My husband rocks!

Or he has rocks in his head?

No, definitely he rocks!

After much discussion, we have finally reached an accord on China II. We have agreed to wait, to think, to pray for clarity over the next six months. Why six months? No particular reason other than it seemed like a reasonable amount of time to make a thoughtful decision.

Last month when I learned we could reuse our dossier in the special focus program I got excited.

OK I went a little nuts.

However you want to diagnosis me the bottom line is I moved way faster than I probably should have and certainly faster than my husband was prepared for. I got caught up in a timeline that was not our own. That was a mistake. A big one.

So we (together this time) are taking a huge step back. I am going to cool my baby hunting jets for at least the next six months. BUT (there’s always a but) we have agreed that IF I still feel as strongly about adding another child to our family six months from now then we will move forward again. Of course we will have to complete a new dossier and we likely won’t go through the special focus program where the children’s needs appear to be beyond our comfort zone but these are concerns for a later time.

To be honest I find it hard to believe I will feel differently in six months but you never really know which way life will twist and turn. I will say that after working through this not so minor conflict in our marriage I have come away even more impressed and in love with my husband than ever. His capacity to love me is astounding.

Possibly superhuman.

So for now we are NOT talking about new additions…well at least not new kids. Instead we’re going to have some fun. We have this awesome spring break trip right around the corner. And a new motorcycle and few weekend trips to the Finger Lakes are on our list. I still have my half marathon to run (and train for –eesh) plus I have a trip to Kazakhstan planned and I think I might go to India next month for business. We continue to remodel the house.

Yup there are plenty of non adoption distractions to keep my attention and who knows perhaps even pull me in another direction.

But I don’t think so.

Not yet anyway.

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