Waiting Children: Desperate Help Needed for these kids!

 March 17, 2011

An agency has received grants from a generous donor in the amount of $1500 to $5000 per child (depending on the needs of the family) for the following children about to age out.

Please help spread the word about these kids and find families with dossiers already logged in to adopt these kids! They are running out of time very quickly!!!! They all age out in the next few months!

Waiting Child: Marie
Age: 13 (ages out in June)
Special Need: Post-operative CHD
Marie is a beautiful, extroverted and clever girl who is loved by everyone. She gets good marks in schools. In 2009 she was in grade 6 and went happily to school and listened to her teachers. She takes good care of herself, can run and jump freely, sweeps the floors voluntarily, makes the bed and wipes the desk. She is well behaved and popular.

Waiting Child: Jessica
Age 13 (ages out in July)
Special Need: Post-operative cleft lip/palate, Hep B carrier
Jessica is active and extroverted. She has formed close bonds with her caretakers and is a happy girl. She is a smart girl and communicates well with others. She helps the caretakers do housework actively. She has normal physical and mental development.

Waiting Child: Perry
Age 13 (ages out in July)
Special Need: Cerebral Palsy
Perry is shy, but gets along well with others. In 2009 he was doing well in grade 1 at school. He lives with a foster family and is able to get along with his classmates at school and finish his homework by himself. He has good language skills and can take care of himself. He has a slight limp, but is able to walk well. He has some trouble running and jumping. He likes watching TV and chatting with his foster family at home. His foster parents take him out for walks often to help his muscles.

Waiting Child: Lee
Age 13 (Ages out in July)
Special Need: Healthy, Older
Lee was found and sent to live in the orphanage when he was 10 years old. Despite being abandoned at an older age, they have taken such good care of him at the orphanage that he is filled with trust in his life. He is active and loves to smile. He loves to play outside and gets along with the nannies and other children very well. He is a very polite young man. He is a very bright boy, but he doesn’t like to study. He has written that he wishes to be adopted, but his time is running out!

Waiting Child: Hansen
Age: 13 (Ages out in July)
Special Need: Repaired cleft lip/palate
Hansen is a bright child who likes playing basketball, bike riding, traveling, drawing and doing housework. He wants a family and understands that foreigners will speak a different language. He promises to get along with brothers and sisters and will study hard. He wants a mother and father to love him.

Please contact me for agency information. Thank you for your dedication to helping these children to have a life full of hope and potential.

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