Virtual Vacation: Real Souvenirs!

 March 18, 2011

The vacation countdown chain.
We are going on a Caribbean cruise and you are all invited to join us.

Virtually that is.

So pack your virtual suitcase.

Dust off your virtual passport.

And get your virtual pedicure.

Actually go ahead and get a real pedicure, you deserve a little pampering!

We leave tonight!


Each day I will be writing about our adventures in family vacationing.  There will be lots of pictures and fully (edited) recaps of the days adventures.

It will just like being there.

Except you won't be able to hear my kids fighting.

Make sure you check back here throughout the week because each time we stop in a new port I am going to buy a special souvenir for one of my very lucky and oh so fabulous readers. 

All you have to do to be in the drawing to win the souvenir is leave a comment on a day we are in port.  For my Facbook followers I'll need you to comment on the blog to play along.  I will announce the winner the following day and post a picture of your amazing prize.

(Now just to be clear were talking "amazing" as in "oh wow how did they carve that coconut to look just like a pirate monkey?")

Sound like fun?

Thanks to Jamie Mornigstar for this great idea.  The girls took turns cutting one link each day from the vaction countdown chain.  It ended up being a great way for them to understand how many days there were before vacation. This little craft projects gets two thumbs up from this traveling mama!

Personally I would hit the followers button (over there on the right) AND vote today.  You don't want to miss anything when coconut pirate monkey heads are at stake.

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