Waiting Child: Jordon

 March 30, 2011

Our little rockstar Jordan has a family!!!

Happy little rock star....Move quickly he's way too cute to wait!!!

Can you even imagine how much fun this little guy would be?

Jordon is 2.5 years old, and he was abandoned when he was 18  months old. At that time he did not understand Cantonese or Mandarin. Now, he can speak some short phrases in Mandarin, such as "grandma, mom, thank you, goodbye" and so on. He can understand the words of adults well and respond correctly. He is fairly extroverted, active and outgoing. He is also very compassionate. When other children are crying, he will give them a toy. He likes the toy cars, guns and other toys that are loved by all boys. He likes to put many toys together, putting one into another. Jordon has a heart defect.

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