Lose 10 Pounds!

 March 30, 2011

Is this some sort of cruel joke?

The day I get back from my calorific cruise and just one month before my half marathon,  I get THIS:

Runner's World (ahem) WEIGHT-LOSS SPECIAL.

What the heck, are they following me?

Did they read about my pound a day floating fat fest?

And by the way, why is this skinny chick with the killer abs (always) on the cover of the weight loss edition?

Just saying. Ugh.

And how about this, after gaining SEVEN pounds on my cruise I have already lost FIVE in the past 48 hours.

How is that even possible?

(Don't be gross.)

And for the record all I did was return to my normal eating and exercise schedule (no condemnation or warnings about crazy diets please)

I'm convinced it's just another part of the ridiculousness of being a metabolic middle aged mess of woman! 

It's hard being a woman.

A woman not being pampered on vacation.

Poor me.

(post vacation pity party continues...)

I told you before clicking burns calories...the scale doesn't lie!

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