Babies and Botox

 March 10, 2011

One might think from reading some of my recent posts, advocating for orphans, showcasing the faces of special need adoption and traveling to orphanages around the world, that I am some sort of selfless humanitarian.

Giving without regard to my own wants and needs (cough).

Ummmm no.

Right after I posted yesterday, I got into my car and drove to the plastic surgeon's office for a facial peel and some botox.

Clearly the only thing "deep" about me is the conflict within.

That and this one line in my forehead. (humpf)

Sometimes I think I need to chuck it all

the worldly trappings



my Louboutins

These things don't exactly line up with the other things I am passionate about.

But I am weak.  I want my STUFF and my ideals too.

So I ask you is it possible

To save the world (or my little piece of it)

and wear the perfect shade of lipstick too??

Oh yes and I want my votes too!
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