Saturday Night Fever

 March 12, 2011

I have to choose between trying to come up with something clever to write here or chilaxing with my hubby.

The girls are spending the night at grandma and grandpa's, Nolan is sleeping over a friends house, Aidan is locked in his room for a marathon video game session and Kiefer (wait where is Kiefer?), no matter, it's Saturday he'll be gone soon.

The point is we are practically alone.

I have an actual opportunity to stay AT HOME and RELAX with my husband.

Most of you have children.

Surely you understand.

So while I love you all...

I'm out of here!

Of course there is one little problem.  This morning I hit #3 on top mommy blogs and I'd kinda like to stay there for a bit.

Here's the rub, the writer of blog #4 is threatening her readers to go on a writing strike if she is not returned to the #3 position which means the heat is on for me.

So if you don't mind would you just click the big brown bar at the bottom of this post so my guy and I can just veg tonight?  Oh and it would be swell if you came back and clicked it again on Sunday cause we're thinking about sleeping in.

Hey're the best.
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