My Driveway Runith Over

 March 2, 2011

crap on second thought maybe "runith over" isn't exactly a term I want to use...

I have waited a long time to post this picture.

16 years, one month and 12 days.

Which is a month and 12 days longer than I thought it would take.

But yesterday after THREE tries Aidan finally passed his drivers test.

Relief.  Aidan sporting a rare smile for the camera. He finally has a license to drive the Scion XB he got for his 16th birthday.
It has not been easy to be Aidan these past several weeks.

Let's just say with the Printy boys there isn't a whole lot of support and sensitivity with this sort of thing.

The Brothers Printy really are can be sweet and kind to others but they can be are less than merciful with each other.

Aidan's a good sport and he has taken the abuse in his usual nonchalant, good humored way, never really seeming too bothered by the whole thing.

Or at least he wouldn't give his brothers the satisfaction.

Still he is a 16 year old boy.

He wants to drive.

Because.... he wants to date.

Which requires a car since as he has pointed out to me, it's pretty lame to have your mom drive you to the movies.

So it is done now.

A new era begun.

He drove to school this morning by himself.


It's always a little scary when your child first starts driving on their own but despite his (ahem) delay, I think pray Aidan will be a very safe driver.

And at least for a while we'll be happy to enjoy the new driver perks.

Like not having to drive to the store when we run out of milk.

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