Called to the Principal's Office

 March 3, 2011

We found an envelope in Nolan’s book bag.
From the school principal.

Crap, this can’t be good.

But what the heck can you do in 5th grade to get into trouble?
(Paranoid mom imagination goes wild….)

Double crap, there’s A LOT he could do in the 5th grade.

If you think about it.
(I just did.)
5th graders are practically monsters.

(Open the envelope as if it is laced with anthrax)

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Printy,
(Anticipatory wince)

(Hmmm, this is an odd way to expel a student???)

It is my pleasure to inform you that Nolan was selected to participate in our Principal’s luncheon.
(Stop. Read that line again.)

Pleasure. To. Inform. You.
(The sound of air escaping from my lungs.)

Of course I knew it would be good news all along because of course MY kid is a totally awesome kid who never gets in trouble and always makes me proud. 

No really, that last part is pretty much true.

Warning: The rest of this post is dripping with unbridled mama bragadosha

The Principal’s letter was an invitation for Nolan to attend a luncheon honoring kids who showed exceptional character at school.  The kids were each nominated by a teacher and the letter included a nomination testimony from Nolan’s teacher that absolutely captures the essence of my sweet boy’s soul.  It read;

“ Nolan is an outstanding young man.  He has the kindest heart and shows compassion to each and every one of his peers.  Nolan is accepting of everyone regardless of their differences and has been a welcoming face to any new student!  What a wonderful young man!”

(Bask in the glow of mama pride…)

(Wait. Just one more glorious moment please…)

What a brilliant teacher.
You know, I couldn’t agree more.
And not just because I’m his mom but because (among other things) I know he does have a welcoming and loving  heart.  I’ve watched him open his heart to two sisters so fully and completely the term “adopted” seems out of place.   
That bit of his character gives me more encouragement as a mother than just about anything else I can think of.

Turns out mail from the principal isn’t so bad after all.

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