Thank You

 February 24, 2011

I need to thank all of you who responded to yesterday's post.  I was genuinely touched by the response.

If you are a reader and missed this please make sure you read the comments too because THAT'S where you will find the best of this blog.

Yesterday's responses were filled with warmth and wisdom.

A lot of readers are smart, insightful and generous with good advice.

I am blessed.

I also get a lot of comments on my posts on Facebook (often more than I get here).  That is where I found what I believe was the best advice...

for me.

for right now.

Here's what I found on my wall this morning...

Your blog is so great, Lori. I love your honesty and understand what you are going through. I have two thoughts (1) UNPLUG!! (from the adoption-related feeds and groups). Just for a while. During our wait for Lera (you know the part where it almost physically hurts?), I unplugged from them and it made a HUGE difference. (2) As one of your commenters said, think of the years of freedom you will add to your life 14 or so years from now!! Finally, while I applaud those who are doing so much to help the adoption cause in general, I don't think that would help your mindset in the next few months. It would just keep the topic front-and center. And, GOOD LORD you are doing EXPONENTIALLY MORE for the world than 99% of humans on this planet :) You deserve to take a break for a while...

Of course she had me at "your blog is so great".

but in my gut I immediately knew she was right about "unplugging".

While I adore the idea that many of you suggested to get involved in some sort of orphan/adoption mission  it is not a substitute for the daughter I yearn for. (I know that is not what was being suggested but the two ideas were linked far more closely than I anticipated)

And I know there is no way I could immerse myself in adoption related projects and still achieve the break I promised my husband.

My take away from this?

  •  Growing my family and "saving orphans" have nothing to do with each other
  •  Supporting adoption/orphan causes in any meaningful way places me in the center of the "adoption" world.
  • I need to unplug from the waiting child/adoption network if I really want to find clarity and hold up my end of the bargain.  
  • In six months (as either a mother of 5 or 6) I need to return to this post for inspiration and direction and consider how I might be able to give back to the adoption/orphan community I love.
  • The readers of this blog are much smarter than it's writer.

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