February 28, 2011

I have struggled with whether or not I should advocate for waiting children in China here on my blog. It is not condoned by the China adoption authorities but recently there has been an virtual explosion of "advocacy blogs" dedicated to highlighting the desperate need for adoptive families in China. (You can find links for a bunch of them on this blog.)

I can't help but think that with the 17,000 views this blog gets each month, that maybe in some small way I too can help by advocating for some of the children that have touched my heart.

I do however want to be sensitive to the privacy of these children.  Especially in the case of those who have medical concerns. I want to be certain that I give each child the respect, dignity they deserve while maintaining as much privacy possible.

But I also want to people to see these kids.

Because I am convinced that seeing a face

seeing beyond a "medical condition"

will help some parent out there see

their child.

So I am going to move forward and a regular basis I will be sharing with you photos and stories of some of the beautiful children who wait.

Hopefully you'll begin to understand why I have felt such a strong desire to adopt again.  Maybe you'll even start to feel it yourself.

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