Post Placement Visit from the Social Worker

 October 20, 2010

Nolan (with a great deal of concern): So Mom are they going to let us keep them?
Me: Keep who?
Nolan: The girls.  Is that social worker lady going let us keep them?
Me: Yes Nolan they are here forever.
Nolan: Oh good.

As you might have already guessed our social worker was here today for Macy's six month and Nina's two year post placement reports.  Pretty non invasive stuff really but I still haven't gotten used to someone "checking up" on me.  (It's weird too because Macy has only been home 4 months and Nina 21 months but it takes so long to get the written report we need to plan everything well in advance of the deadlines.) 

It all went pretty smoothly and at the end she asked us rather directly, "Do you think you are going to do it (adopt) again?" "Ummm, ahhh, hmmmm, we (by which I do mean my husband) don't know",  I lied. (Meanwhile in my head I was thinking come on Dart say yes, say yes, please say yes!)  Instead Dart was strategically silent.  The social worker then said, "well you guys are so good at this I think you could". I thanked her for the compliment.  I am pretty sure Dart was planning ways to enter the witness relocation program.

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