I Could Not Ask for a Better Man... by Sandi Arbolino

 June 17, 2012

Our family dynamics changed for the better when I found my soul mate.

 In 2008 I made the decision to become a mom through international adoption. This decision impacted my life in more ways than I will ever be able to describe. Creating a family as a single mom was an easy decision however finding my soul mate and the man my daughter would call dad was not easy.

From day one I was adamant that my daughter would not meet every man I dated and in fact she was not going to meet anyone unless he was the one. 

 I was fortunate that a week after arriving home with my daughter I reconnected with an old flame from the past. To say I was very conservative in the time I spent away from my daughter is an understatement. However this man was willing to allow me to call the shots, never pushed to meet her and let me lead the way.

He even stood by when the holidays arrived and I told him that we would be tied up with family who had waited a lifetime to meet her and he said something I will never forget. He said "that is OK, I understand and I will still be here in two weeks when you have the time". Wow was all I could think.

So on Dec 31, 2009 he finally met Finley and knowing what I already knew in my heart of hearts, our path to being a family of three was right in front of my eyes.

 He looked at her with the same eyes I had looked at her the first time I laid eyes on her in the orphanage. He never once acted as if he was not her father. Since Finley was still just a toddler at 16 months she did not know any different. Michael has taken on the role of fatherhood as if she was born from his soul. 

She is the sunshine of his eyes, as this is what he told the judge just a few short weeks ago when we finalized the re-adoption, granting him the same parental rights that I have. While we had to do it for legalities, he has been her father since the day they met. He is not only compassionate, he is patient and kind. He is always up for playing dress up, reading stories and has introduced her to the world of Disney Movies and Songs. I love listening to them as they sing songs together, and love when they make up their own words.

I could not have asked for a better man to be a father to my daughter.

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