Just Another day in Paradise

 June 8, 2010

 First Things First....Macy cleared her TB Test.  We will be home on time!!

Today we went to the the zoo with our group.  Macy (and Dart and I) had a blast feeding the giraffes and we (Macy and I) even rode a few rides at the kiddie park (of course AFTER we got off the rides Dart told me a story about the Chinese government cracking down on ride operators to do safety checks on the rides daily rather than the monthly check now standard!) After surviving the rides we saw some more animals and even got to see a Giant Panda!  My China experience is complete!

(Aidan and Nolan the picture of me with the hippo is for you guys!)
In the evening we went on a dinner cruise on the Pearl River.  Although this was not part of our agency's planned excursions we really wanted to see the city from the river. (Plus it is always more fun to interact with locals on your own). A couple of days ago our guide told us a great story about the Pearl River.  Once there was a woman who was despondent about a recent breakup with her boyfriend so she decided kill herself.  She went to a bridge and jumped into the Pearl River.  Moments later however people heard her yelling for help.  She had changed her mind and claimed the river was too stinky to die in!  Our guide told us this story inspired the people of Guangzhou to clean up the river.  I will attest that the river does not stink, though I wouldn't want to go for a swim in it coming from a place where our river actually caught fire due to pollution I will not judge.  Guangzhou at night is spectacular. (The building in white lights is our hotel The White Swan, aka The Baby Hotel!)
One thing we learned about Miss Macy Bel is the child loves and I do mean LOVES chicken feet...mmmm, finger lickin good!  I may make noodles and dumplings when we get home but alas I am pretty sure this delicacy wont make it to the Printy dinner table!

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