Lori Eats a Scorpion

 June 9, 2010

Our guide Kelly offered a tour of the markets and Dart and I and just one other from our group took her up-wow are we glad we did!  We went through the food and medicine markets.  It is so interesting how central food, herbs, roots, etc are to health here. I swear it is like every cook must also have a pharmacy degree.  It seems every aliment could be cured by some root or herb or snake! Towards the end of our tour we walked down a road flanked by vendors selling "snacks" as Kelly called them.  She told us that the TV show the Amazing Race had their contestants come here where they had to eat a scorpion as a challenge.  OK I'm game!  Actually I've joked forever that when I got to China I was going to eat a scorpion on a stick and so I did.  Actually they weren't too bad. ..sort of nutty and crunchy. (Check out the video at the end.)

 Dart, Macy and me on our very own Amazing Race...

Click here to view this video

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