I know her shoe size!

 April 21, 2010

Exactly six months ago we received the referral for Fu Li Ping our beautiful little girl from Guizhou China.  Never would I have imagined that so many months later she would still be so far away. I fully expected this day to be difficult.  It started that way too.  As I shared with some dear friends I was ready to spend the day rolling around in a big pile of self pity.  And then I received the most wonderful gifts to lift my spirits.  Short of travel approval I could not have asked for anything better!

Photos of Macy taken just hours ago!

I love that she is wearing the dress we sent her... a physical connection to my baby! (BTW a size 2T) We also got this update;

Weight: 33 pounds; Head circumference: 19.7 inches Chest circumference: 20.49 inches

Foot length: 6.30 inches Height: 38.61 inches Teeth: 9 upper; 10 lower

(Best of all) Her speech ability is normal. She can speak words freely. She can sing several children’s songs and some poems.

She can communicate with others well. She can understands what said to her. Her words can be understood easily. She has no communication problem.

Has she been told she is being adopted? Yes.

Will her foster mother be there on Gotcha Day? If not, would it be possible for the family to meet her while they are there? Yes. Her foster mother is Ye Jia Mei.

Then another blessing, Macy's first foster mother shared this in an email;

"Macy's fos. mom has cared for 3 children, so she has had a bit of experience with the goodbye part. She is a single mom but due to be married soon so Macy is the last child she plans to care for."

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