Side by Side

 January 21, 2010

I know you have been dying to know which way we would go in the whole stroller debate. Well we decided that with all the travel we do (and all the shopping for pretty little girls clothes I do) we really needed wheels for the girls. Thanks to my OL friend and fellow kaz mama Leslie I found the perfect solution, the Baby Jogger City Micro DOUBLE! It only weighs 23 pounds but can haul up to 100 pounds. I figure with my two Asian birds that should get them to at least middle school. The best part is how this thing folds up. This is my eighth stroller and the first that folds as easily as advertised.

I took Nina for a whirl in it last night and the reality that I have another one on the way washed over me, more vivid than ever.  Oh my gosh I can not wait for Macy to get her.  Waiting is getting harder now that the distractions of the holidays and vacation are behind me.  I need my Macy.


So anyway, now that you know which stroller we decided on you can all go back to sleeping at night, stop worrying and return to your normal lives. The Printy girls will be cruising side by side sometime very very soon!

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