Traveling Fools

 July 24, 2009

Dart and I just booked our first grown up only trip since the arrival of our dear daughter. (I know –guess we are in a traveling mood.) We are so grateful that Dart’s mother is able to watch the kids while we are gone. Nina has formed quite a close bond with her Gramma and Papa and we trust them completely.

Dart and I will be heading to San Francisco for his birthday in August. We plan to rent a Harley and take a motorcycle tour over the Golden Gate Bridge to Napa Valley /Calistoga; we’ll also be visiting Muir Woods, Sausalito, and hitting a few other highlights in the San Fran area.

In preparation today Dart took me to State 8 Motorcycle shop (where I was right at home-NOT!) and bought me my first honest to goodness motorcycle jacket. It is classic black leather with buckles and belts-a full on Fonzie jacket. He tells me it will keep me warm, I guess, but I am not so sure it will go with my pink and lavender Vespa helmet.

However silly we look I think Dart and I are really going to enjoy our adult’s only adventure. I promise to post plenty of pictures for your blog stalking amusement. Now though I must decide whether to get a tattoo or pierce my lip…

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