Three Weeks in Kazakhstan

 November 23, 2008


We have been here for three weeks -I'm thinking about looking for a job. I think Pizza Blues might be hiring....

We are in the home stretch and very much ready to get back to the boys. By the time we get home our trip will have been a day short of 4 weeks. It is hard though to accept that after all this we will return home without our dear Nina. As much as I agree that the bonding period is beneficial to both child and parent, I find no good in the required month long wait to process paperwork.

Nina has come so far since we first met her. I now can snuggle and kiss and nuzzle a little girl who just a few weeks ago, was afraid to even look at me. I hate the idea that we might lose all the progress we made during this trip. Oh well we’ll do what we have to do to bring home the shy little girl who opened like a flower.

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