One Day at a Time

 October 16, 2008

No big news, changes or problems to report. We are feeling a little overwhelmed with all that has to happen in the next 2 weeks. I haven't really slept in a few days. My mind just won't turn off I guess. I've popped some Ambien but even that hasn't worked. Also somehow I 've lost 7 pounds in less than a week, (one of the good things that happens to me when I'm stressed).

We booked our flights for the first trip. We are traveling thru Frankfurt and since there is a pretty long layover there we booked a day room at the Sheraton right on the airport. It think it will be worth it if we can catch a few hours of rest and a shower.

Our Visa applications arrived at the Embassy today and hopefully we will have them back next week. Today Dart, contacted the bank and credit card companies, got our updated medical forms, sent our marriage certs to New York to be Apostilled, and certified a bunch of other documents (also stored the boat, convertible and motorcycles-thanks honey!). Tomorrow we will go to Cleveland in the morning to be re fingerprinted for our I171h and then to Columbus to have everything Apostilled. I keep wondering how I seem to be so unprepared? Must have been all that time blogging!

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