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 September 17, 2008

Random thought #

  1. My whole family is out tonight with their various activities. I told Dart I was going to workout, maybe go for a run while they were gone. I am not running. I am sitting on the couch, blogging, while watching "The Biggest Loser" and eating an unseemly amount of ice cream.

  2. It's funny how much I enjoy blogging since I was never much one for keeping a journal. Blogging is a sort of online diary-one a whole lot of people can read. Maybe I'm an exhibitionist, maybe all bloggers are???

  3. I have started to countdown the hours until the Gray's Anatomy season premier.

  4. Dart says "Paranoia Will Destroy You" is by the Kinks not Black Sabbath.

  5. The highlight of my day today is the new carpet installed upstairs. My plans for tonight... to walk around barefoot on the new carpet and enjoy its wonderful sponginess! Yes. Really. I 'm not kidding. I just did it.

  6. I bought a Kielty backpack carrier today at a second hand children's store for only $39. It has never even been used. I am not a hiker but I love a bargain.

  7. I talked to my sister Lisa tonight. I am trying to get her to step into the 21st century and start emailing. This post is my attempt to shame her into using a computer. Our baby from China will be named Charlotte Lisa after my computer challenged sister. You would think since I'm naming my child after her the least she could do is learn to send me an email!! (I love you sis!!)

My beautiful, wonderful, loving and email challenged sister Lisa!

(Hey Lis, notice something missing???)

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