Please Mister Postman

 August 23, 2011

please look and see...
is there a letter,
from the department of homeland security
for me?

Why's it takin' such a long time
For me to hear from that case officer of mine?

wait a minute, wait a minute, wait two months oh yeah...


Yes that's me...waiting for the mail... because according to the latest news USCIS has processed June 30th I800a applications (and that's us).

So I THINK my approval is on the way.

Of course I could call to find out for sure but that would mean a case officer would have to stop his/her work to give me my update, further delaying processing.  It seems counter productive and does nothing to speed up the process.

So, in an almost super human act of self discipline I'm not going to call.

Besides it's so much more ridiculous and dramatic and neurotically blog-tastic to park my camp chair by the mailbox. (Not to mention so very Marvelette-ty to sing to the mailman!)

PS:  It didn't come today.

PPS: My mailman totally thinks I'm nuts loves me.

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