Better than a sharp stick in the eye...

 September 18, 2008

I sent an email to my agency yesterday asking if they had any more information about when we might travel. They really are good about getting back to me when I ask them anything and I imagine it gets pretty frustrating for them to hear one parent after another asking the same question, WHEN? WHEN?? WHEN???!

True to form I heard back from them and the answer was, like most things in adoption, noncommittal. Basically they are working on getting a firm travel date, we are waiting to hear that a baby girl is available for adoption and they are hopeful they will be able to provide more concrete information sometime in the next couple of weeks. Not what I was hoping for but as they say better than a sharp stick in the eye!.

I tend to email my agency every 3-4 weeks. I don't know if that's too much or not. Does anyone else contact their agency for updates? Dart says I am impatient and generally he's right but this adoption has really been a test. I think I'm doing pretty darn good for a woman who's been "adopting" for almost 2 years! Besides the way I figure it, when you are pregnant you go to the OB every 4 weeks and then as you get closer to your delivery date; every couple weeks, every week, every day. I think it must be a lot like that in adoption. Either that or I'm a neurotic pain in the butt!

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