CNY Fundraiser for Shepherds Field

 January 29, 2012

Thanks everyone for a fun and successful night last night! We celebrated Chinese New Year at our house and used the opportunity to raise a little support for SFCV.

The people who came each have supported our adoption journey over these many years, something we appreciate so very much. We are fortunate to have a warm and encouraging group of friends.And last night they came through for us again.

They proved that while adoption is not for everyone....EVERYONE can make a difference in an orphaned child's life.

Thanks again to our wonderful, big-hearted and generous friends!

The incredible dragon cake. (And no,  I did not make this if.)
We really had fun decorating for the New Year.
Each guest used a "red thread" to tie a red lucky money envelope to our Giving Tree. Each one contained a donation to SFCV.
Our version of a couplet (red banner) over the doorway.
The cake WAS pretty cake boss cool, but of course this being the not so Chinese mid west they didn't quite get the spelling:)
More red lanterns...

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