Differential Pain

 September 26, 2008

I've decided I need to distract myself from my current fixation on my adoptions. My idea is to cause enough new pain as to overwhelm the current pain. I thought about a hunger strike but then I remembered ummmm, I really like to eat. So yesterday I hired a personal trainer to kick my butt. I am meeting him for my first workout/evaluation later tonight. It will be awful. Apparently he is going to make me get on a scale and measure my hips and thighs and pinch test me to determine my BMI. Then he is going to test my current fitness level by making me run and jump and stretch until I beg for mercy, (by the way he is 20 something triathlon dude --oh the humiliation!!) Oh well just the distraction I need, I guess.

But you know what I say....bring it on trainer boy, you can't break me. I've been trying to adopt a baby for 2 years. I am strong and stubborn and I do not quit!!! Wish me luck... I'm planning to be one buff Kaz Mama :)

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