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 April 23, 2008

I haven't posted in a bit for a bunch of reasons. First there has been absolutely no movement on the adoption front. We originally completed our dossier on feb 2. Since then we have had to make some extra copies, redo a couple of documents but nothing too bad. our dossier is translated and has been reviewed for a second time by a indepedent consultant hired by our agency. We have been told everything is in order and that our dossier will be submitted to the Kaz Embassy in DC. Almost two weeks ago we were told our dossier would be submitted sometime "in the next to weeks". This is a change from past practice when dossiers were submitted immediately. We though we would be out of the Embassy and to Kaz by now and instaed we haven't even started yet.

Although our case worker said she did not think our documents would expire I am not very optimistic about that. Medical exams are not supposed to be more than 90 days old and I think ours were completed in january. All of our other documents are at least 70 days old. I'm not sure if I will be upset at the thought of redoing the documents or the fact that our case worker was wrong. I hope she is not.

The other reason I haven't posted is I have been busy training for the Komen 3Day Walk. The sun has finally come back to northeast Ohio and after working all day in an office (the kind where the windows don't open), I just can't stand the idea of staying in the house (which is where my computer is). I have been walking and walking and running a little bit two. I been walking between about 4-8 miles each night and then trying to also do my regular workouts. Today I was really excited because I've had a bunch of sponsorship dollars come in. I really am lucky to know so many generous people willing to help a good cause! You can check out my progress on my other blog-the link is at the top right corner of this page.

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