Is this the week????

 April 29, 2008

My agency is claiming they had 2 dossiers approved by the DC Embassy last week. Apparently the processing time for these dossiers was only two weeks. Pretty encouraging news. If we are lucky our dossier will be submitted this week and with a little more luck we might be on our way (or at least our paperwork will be on its way) to Kazakhstan. We have been told all along that the delay is limited to the Kaz Embassy processing and that the rest of the adoption process is business as usual. If this is in fact correct than we might be looking at an LOI in the late fall. It does seem that we will not complete an adoption in 2008 but maybe early 2009 will be our time.

PS-As is my nature, I had a little retail therapy yesterday. I have a growing collection of flowered and frilly party dresses. They are so beautiful but even I am started to get concerned at the number of impractical wardrobe purchases I am making. It is not as if I am a newbie here, I have three mud lovin' boys. I do recognize that a snow white eyelet sundress, accented with a pink satin ribbon, a silk top coat, matching hat, sunglasses and monagramed diaper cover is not exactly the smartest choice for a one year old. But heaven help me I just can't lay off the dresses!

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