Relaxation Found

 January 1, 2013

After multiple travel delays that reached the point of absurdity and left me thinking I might try out for next seasons "Amazing Race" I finally made it to Jamaica.

The rest of the family traveled ahead of me and were already in full vacation mode by the time I walked through the door late Saturday night. It did not take long to match their island mood though, this place is gorgeous. Paradise.

We are staying in a private villa and it might just be the easiest (except for getting here) vacation I've ever taken.

As the mom often vacations leave me exhausted. They seem to be almost more work than being home but not so here. We don't have to go anywhere, there is a full staff to do everything (like seriously everything) for us.

Anyway one full day in and I feel so much better. 2012 will go down as one of the most stressful, exhausting and down right hard years of my life and I really needed this....

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