Constant Interruption and General Lack of Sleep...I must be a mother.

 November 14, 2012

Being a mom is exhausting.

Duh...tell you something you don't already know right?

This mothering thing is by far the hardest thing I've ever done. And for me the absolute worst part of it is the seemingly constant interruption and general lack of sleep. Case in point...last night we had Mia in bed with us (a whole other story)  and at about 2am BOTH of the other girls had "bad dreams".  (ahem, yes they do everything as a team.)

And so this was the floor of my bedroom last night.

This morning I'm feeling slightly nauseous from the lack of adequate quality sleep (OK, I just snorted as I wrote that, "adequate quality sleep", hysterical). 

But somehow even through my sleep deprived nausea (and this is the weird thing that is being a mom) I can't help but look over at my girls, snuggled together on my bedroom floor and feel a crushing disappointment that someday...a day not too far from today...they will be too old for this.

And I know from my experience with the boys that someday is coming fast...inconceivably I will miss these nights of bad dreams and IN-adequate quality sleep.

Its hard to imagine if you haven't parented through these years but trust me on will miss it all...and it will gone before you know it.

So I'll have an extra cup of coffee and my eyes will be a little MORE puffy and I'll struggle to stay awake in my meetings today but I will also thank the heavens above AGAIN that I have this amazing, wonderful privilege to be the  (exhausted) mom of little ones again.

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