First Concert

 October 15, 2012

I think my first concert was Rush (classy I know) and I think I was in high school, maybe it was freshman year of college ....its been a while, ahem.

The point is I most definitely was NOT in kindergarten.

My girly girls went to their first "rock concert" this weekend and saw the Fresh Beat Band. 

Don't know who they are?  Consider yourself lucky and never EVER let your kids watch Nick Jr!

But odds are if you have a five year old you probably already know who Shout, Twist, Marina, and Kiki are and you already know the words by heart to Just Like a  Rock Star and Great Day....which is played ad nauseam in every episode of the tv show.

Groan. At least its not Barney.

As painful as the show was (and it was...for me anyway) the girls LOVED it. 

The only exception being Nina, who was creast fallen when she wasn't allowed to dance on stage with the band. Im not sure where she got the idea but I had to hold her back from running down the aisle towards the stage. (Hmmmm rushing the stage at five years old... might spell trouble for the teen years).

Macy was wide eyed with excitement when Kiki played a white ELECTRIC violin and she promptly informed me she wanted to trade her violin for one just like it.  (Uh-ha. No.)

And Mia, SWEET MIA, was just so happy to be there she kept hugging and kissing me between each song...I am certain she has never seen the TV show but it didn't stop her from screaming like a rabid groupie.

Mercifully is was a short concert with a 25 minute first act and a 30 minute second act and just enough time in between to make a potty stop.

Though the girls were well behaved and a joy to watch sing and dance to the music their energy level was off the charts and I was glad to get everyone back into the quiet of the car where all three of my rock stars fell asleep before we left the parking lot.

So tell me... how old were you when you attended your first rock concert and who was it? 

Now how about your kiddos??

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