Not His First Walk....Repost for Father's Day 2012

 June 17, 2012

 I originally posted this last summer when Dart was in China.  (I took it down when my agency got a little nervous about meeting Mia before the adoption was final.)  For me they show the gentle and generous heart that is my husband.

Not his first walk around the orphanage....

Let a fatherless girl wrap her tiny hand around two of your big ole bear fingers.

Dart flew to Beijing over Labor Day weekend to make sure Mia was safe and getting the care she needed while we waited for the adopt paper work to be completed.  Since the adoption was still in process he could not tell her then that he was her daddy but the bond was already begun.

Squeeze her a little tighter when she calls you Daddy.
In China Macy ONLY wanted her daddy.  She was so proud to tell everyone she met that the big big man was HER daddy.

Be her first love.
Tint little Nina was terrified of her new dad and it took weeks for her to even be near him with out screaming.  A lot of men would have been discouraged by her dad was determined to make sure his baby girl was loved.

And take her for a walk... now...until the time you walk her down the aisle.

What do you say about a man who already has three sons and is willing to open his heart to adoption not once, twice but three times in 39 months. Well today we say, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD!!!!

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