My Dad Is The Greatest...By Ellie Hernsdorf

 June 17, 2012

 He runs with me to the bus stop everyday.

He encourages me try new things…like Calamari!

My dad taught me to ski…to ride a skateboard on my belly…and to enjoy all sports, which
require a helmet.

He lets me pick up bugs with lots of legs…because they’re cool.

He puts chocolate chips in my pancakes.

He protects me from robbers…and pirates…and thunderstorms.

My dad takes me for bike rides on a two-seater bike…and lets me sing out loud!

He lets me pick out my own clothes for school if Mommy forgets. We think orange
Halloween socks look great with anything.

My Dad is funny and laughs at most things…

He tells me the truth…that squashed animals in the road die; they don’t just take a rest.

He says chocolate ice cream is good any time of day.

He lets me help coach my older brother’s soccer team…because sometimes they need me
to take control.

My Dad lets me jump into the deep end of Grandma’s pool, shoot off rockets in
the field and drive the tractor, cause he’s always watching closely.

And sometimes we have secrets…JDTM! (Just don’t tell Mom!!)

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