Gymnastics Summer Showcase

 June 10, 2012

The girls have been going to gymnastics for a while now and this weekend was the big performance to show off all the new skills they have learned.  They decided to add a little flair to the event by arriving in leotards and, (hey why not), capes. 

Naturally when a girl is channeling her gymnastic super powers she dons a cape.

The Bee is all business

Lady Bug Girl, her usual sweet self
Everything  was going the parking lot.

But once we got inside Macy's nerves got the best of her.  Dad made a move to go rescue her (he's such a softy) but I stopped him and we decided to give her a chance to work through it on her own.

And she did!

She was still timid and held her teacher's hand between each event but my brave girl fought through her fear and did a great job!!  I was so proud of her and with each event I could see her self confidence building.

Gymnastics though is Nina's passion and our little power house rocked it.  She performed on all the equipment and was (as usual) fearless.

The Bee's last event was floor and I have to say being completely unbiased (cough, cough), she was the best in the whole program.  I mean even the director commented when he was giving out the trophy's that he enjoyed watching her floor routine. 

This duel citizenship thing might come in handy.  Olympics 2024 here we come!

(I'M KIDDING-but she was awesome.)

Of course with gymnastics there are are multiple events going on at the same time. And of course we had two little athletes participating in the group of 75 kids.

So if you do the math...

Of course they they would have to perform at the same time!

In the middle of Nina's floor routine Macy mounted the bars.

In the end we had two trophy raising champions take the top spot on the podium.

The Bee still all business
and a triumphant Ladybug smiling once again

And in case you wondered about those capes...

They wanted to wear them and as a mom who knows all too well how fast the cape wearing days pass, of course I said yes.

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