Wednesday's Child: Daniel

 May 16, 2012

I met Daniel in March of 2012 during our adoption trip. I was visiting the privately run group home he is living in so that I could check on another child who is being adopted by a friend.  While there we met several children but this little guy with his killer smile and sweet as pie disposition really captured our hearts.

Daniel who is two and a half years old warmed up quickly to my older kids and was soon giggling and laughing in their arms.  He was energetic and appeared healthy and very VERY happy.

We learned that Daniel is deaf and needs surgery to repair his bowel. Sadly Daniel was already matched with a family once but they were unable to complete the adoption.  Daniel has been waiting far too long to have a “forever” home. There is a real sense of urgency with Daniel as the surgery he needs is one that will fair far better with westerned train physicins.  The bottom line is we are all very worried that in China he will not get the high quality medical he needs and deserves.

Daniel NEEDS a family to come forward soon and one who will fight to have him medically expedited to a place where his surgery can be performed without complication.

On a brighter note, since Daniel is in a private care situation he has the advantage of being taught American sign language.  He a smart cookie and is learning fast.  You can just tell with his engaging and bubbly personality that he is desperately ready to communicate. 

I have no doubt that Daniel would do well in a family situation.  In fact I know its all that he really needs.  If you are open to adopting a deaf child please contact an adoption agency working with China’s Special Needs program. 

Daniel is “Special Focus” child listed as on the shared list as QianBaoGui DOB 8/26/09
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