Wax On...29 Again

 May 22, 2012

I'm feeling nostalgic.

It's my birthday and I'm in Boston. I grew up not far from here.

I always imagined I would live in this city and being back reminds me of the girl I once was.

It is interesting how different my priorities are at this age...46, then they were as a young 20 something.

Back then I was going to law school, going to congress, going to the moon if I wanted to.  Everything was on the horizon.

a walk along the Charles leaves me wistful and imagining the could have beens

Back then I had absolutely no thoughts of being a mother. None.  As in I was NEVER going to have kids.

It is so hard to reconcile with my life today.

And I'm glad that life doesn't always unwind the way you plan it.

And I'm filled with an unabashed satisfaction with the life I do have.

My completely unplanned, unexpected and implausibly wonderful life.

It's a good birthday.
Apparently I'm at the age when we joke about been 29...again.
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